Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Lake Alexandrina, South Australia.

A wet and windy visit to Lake Alexandrina.
Australia, Day Fifty Six.
Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus).
We decided to have a run down to Lake Alexandrina as the weather was not very good, on the way we saw Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris), Red-rumped Parrot (Psephotus haematonotus), Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) and Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca).
We parked by the side of the lake at Milang Jetty where we found a Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus), Little Black Cormorant (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris), Great White Egret (Ardea alba), Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus), Australian Ibis (Threskiornis molucca), Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles) and Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa).
We did a bit of a loop back around to the Farm, on the way we saw Swamp Harrier (Circus approximans), Black Swan (Cygnus atratus), a big flock of Little Corella's (Cacatua sanguinea), White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae), Australasian Swamphen (Porphyrio melanotus) and Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus).

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