Saturday 23 March 2024

Hacho, Granada Province, Spain.

Doing the early morning Moth Counts with Dave Grundy.
Moth Records for the 26th March 24.
4x 2Watt LED, +7.
Ebird List for Cerro Hacho.

One of the trap sites.
Dave and I headed up to Hacho just after 07:00 to count the Moths that had come into the lights of the 4 traps set up, species for the morning included 0663 Trichophaga bipartitella x1, 1655 Ethmia bipunctella (Bugloss Ermine) x3, 4298 Aethes moribundana x1, 4598 Aphelia peramplana x1, 5539 Hellinsia coniodactylus x1, 5835 Epischnia asteris x1, 5850 Oxybia transversella x1, 6590 Ecpyrrhorrhoe diffusalis x3, 6619 Uresiphita gilvata x1, 6775 Phyllodesma suberifolia x4, 7504 Watsonalla uncinula x6, 7564 Itame vincularia x14, 7581 Neognopharmia stevenaria x3, 7626 Toulgoetia cauteriata x2, 7725 Menophra japygiaria (Brassy Waved Umber) x2, 
10052 Panolis flammea (Pine Beauty).
8062 Scopula imitaria (Small Blood-vein).
7599 Perigune narbonea x32, 7806 Adactylotis gesticularia x14, 7882 Charissa mucidarius x80, 7926 Aspitates ochrearia (Yellow Belle) x10, 7932 Dyscia penulataria x4, 8059 Scopula marginepunctata (Mullein Wave) x17, 8062 Scopula imitaria (Small Blood-vein) x1, 8143 Idaea longaria x6, 8256 Xanthorhoe fluctuata (Garden Carpet) x2, 8265 Catarhoe basochesiata x1, 8280 Epirrhoe sandosaria x15, 8328 Nebula ibericata x107, 8490 Eupithecia irriguata (Marbled Pug) x1, 8578 Eupithecia abbreviata (Brindled Pug) x1, 8579 Eupithecia dodoneata (Oak Tree Pug) x1, 8581 Eupithecia cocciferata x5, 8587 Eupithecia oxycedrata x1, 8944 Autophila dilucida x1, 8965 Tyta luctuosa (Four-spotted Moth) x1, 9056 Autographa gamma (Silver Y) x2, 
5850 Oxybia transversella.
7626 Toulgoetia cauteriata.
9140 Eublemma ostrina (Purple Marbled) x3, 9243 Calophasia platyptera (Antirrhinum Brocade) x1, 9279 Cleonymia baetica x18, 9298 Metopoceras felicina x2, 9433 Caradrina clavipalpis (Pale Mottled Willow) x11, 9435/6 Caradrina noctivaga / flavirena x162, 9438 Caradrina flava x7, 9447 Caradrina ibeasi x3, 9522 Callopistria latreillei (Latreille's Latin) x5, 9593 Agrochola ruticilla x2, 10022 Mythimna l-album (L-Album Wainscot) x2, 10028 Mythimna sicula x14, 10052 Panolis flammea (Pine Beauty) x1, 10238 Peridroma saucia (Pearly Underwing) x5, 10342 Agrotis catalaunalis (Grouville Dart) x1, 10343 Agrotis puta puta (Shuttle Shaped Dart) x104, 10346 Dark Sword-grass (Agrotis ipsilon) x1, 10347 Agrotis trux (Cresent Dart) x2 and 10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth) x18. 
9447 Caradrina ibeasi.
8280 Epirrhoe sandosaria.
5539 Hellinsia coniodactylus.
Other species seen were a group of male Spanish Ibex (Cabra montés / Capra pyrenaica hispanica) some of which were cracking heads, Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Conical (Neotinea conica), Southern Early Purple Orchid (Orchis olbienis), Fan-lipped (Anacamptis collina), Mirror (Ophrys speculum), Yellow Bee (Ophrys lutea), Sawfly (Ophrys tenthredinifera) and Somber Bee Orchid (Ophrys fusca), Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus), Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas), Clouded Yellow (Colias corceua), Short-toed Treecreeper (Agateador Común / Certhia brachydactyla), Wren (Chochin / Troglodytes troglodytes), Serin (Verdecillo / Serinus serinus), Common Chaffinch (Pinzón Vulgar / Fringilla coelebs), Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus), Sardinian (Curruca Cabecinegra / Sylvia melanocephala) and Bonelli's Warbler (Mosquitero Papialbo / Phylloscopus bonelli), Rock Bunting (Escribano Montesino / Emberiza cia), Mistle Thrush (Zorzal Charlo / Turdus viscivorus), Iberian  Magpie (Rabilargo / Cyanopica cooki), Great (Carbonera Común / Parus major) and Crested Tit (Herrerillo Capuchino / Parus cristatus) and Common Crossbill (Piquituerto Común / Loxia curvirostra).
Mirror Orchid (Ophrys speculum).

Yellow Bee Orchid (Ophrys lutea).

Sawfly Orchid (Ophrys tenthredinifera).

Sawfly Orchid (Ophrys tenthredinifera).

Friday 22 March 2024

Near Huétor Tajar, Granada Province, Spain.

Moth Records for the 21st March 24.
15W Actinic, min +13.6.
199 Moths of 38 Species.
0706 Monopis nigricantella.
Set the light up on the Terrace after getting back from Andujar and before Dave Grundy arrived for a couple of nights, heavy Calima over night and the Moth count was by far the best of the year.
9056 Autographa gamma (Silver Y).

9100 Acontia lucida (Pale Shoulder).

9298 Metopoceras felicina.

0706 Monopis nigricantella x1, 1655 Ethmia bipunctella (Bugloss Ermine) x2, 3890 Platyedra subcinerea x2, 5765b Merulempista azrouella, 6207 Euchromius ocellea (Silver-spotted Veneer) x1, 6521 Hellula undalis (Old World Webworm) x1, 6604 Pyrausta aurata (Mint Moth) x1, 6719 Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer) x4, 7581 Neognopharmia stevenaria x1, 7725 Menophra japygiaria (Brassy Waved Umber) x1, 7926 Aspitates ochrearia (Yellow Belle) x2, 8328 Nebula ibericata x15, 8576 Eupithecia unedonata x1, 8579 Eupithecia dodoneata (Oak-tree Pug) x1, 8581 Eupithecia cocciferata x2, 8599 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata (Double-striped Pug) x1, 8638 Lithostege griseata (Grey Carpet) x1, 8944 Autophila dilucida x1, 8981 Drasteria cailino x1, 9056 Autographa gamma (Silver Y) x22, 9100 Acontia lucida (Pale Shoulder) x1, 9140 Eublemma ostrina (Purple Marbled) x2, 9298 Metopoceras felicina x1, 9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw) x1, 9433 Caradrina clavipalpis (Pale Mottled Willow) x23, 9438 Caradrina flava x1, 9435/6 Caradrina noctivaga / flavirena x42, 9460 Spodoptera exigua (Small Mottled Willow) x3, 9743a Mniotype occidentalis x1, 10022 Mythimna l-album (L-Album Wainscot) x2, 10029 Mythimna sicula x1, 10034 Leucania loreyi (Cosmopolitan) x1, 10238 Peridroma saucia (Pearly Underwing) x2, 10342 Agrotis catalaunalis (Grouville Dart) x1, 10343 Agrotis puta puta (Shuttle Shaped Dart) x31, 10346 Dark Sword-grass (Agrotis ipsilon) x5, 10347 Agrotis trux (Cresent Dart) and 10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth) x15.
10029 Mythimna sicula.

9438 Caradrina flava.

8599 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata (Double-striped Pug).

8576 Eupithecia unedonata.

6207 Euchromius ocellea (Silver-spotted Veneer).

6521 Hellula undalis (Old World Webworm).

8581 Eupithecia cocciferata.

8638 Lithostege griseata (Grey Carpet).

9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw).

10347 Agrotis trux (Cresent Dart).

9460 Spodoptera exigua (Small Mottled Willow).

9743a Mniotype occidentalis.

8981 Drasteria cailino.

10342 Agrotis catalaunalis / syricola (Grouville Dart).


Thursday 21 March 2024

Hoya de Baza, Granada Province, Spain.

Yet another dip on the Greenish Black-tip.

The Barranco.
Anna and Charles had seen the Greenish Black-tip (Euchloe bazae) a few days earlier, so I decided to give it a go on my way home.
Portuguese Dappled White (Euchloe tagis).
I left La Caracola after an early Breakfast and arrived at the site near Baza just after 09:30 but things were not too good as it was pretty cloudy and quite windy but I found the one large Rosemary bush Anna had told me about and staked it out but unfortunately the target never arrived.
Portuguese Dappled White (Euchloe tagis).
However during the 5 or so hours I was there or walking up and down the Barranco I did find several bird species including Thekla (Cogujada Montesina / Galerida theklae) and Mediterranean / Lesser Short-toed Lark (Terrera Marismena / Calandrella rufescens), Barn Swallow (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica), Griffon Vulture (Bultre Leonado / Gyps fulvus), Stock Dove (Paloma Zurita / Columba oenas), Western Subalpine (Curruca Carrasquena / Sylvia cantillans) and Sardinian Warbler (Curruca Cabecinegra / Sylvia melanocephala), Common Stonechat (Tarabilla Común / Saxicola torquata), Corn Bunting (Triguero / Emberiza calandra), Woodchat Shrike (Alcaudón Común / Lanius senator), Red-legged Partridge (Perdiz Roja / Alectoris rufa) and Hoopoe (Abubilla / Upupa epops). 
Small White (Pieris rapae).
Butterflies seen at the Rosemary bush and along the barranco included
Small (Pieris rapae)  x13, Western Dappled (Euchloe crameri) x6, Portuguese Dappled (Euchloe tagis) x5, Bath (Pontia daplidice) x3 and Large White (Pieris brassicae) x2,  Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui), Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta), Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas), Wall Brown (Lasiommata megera), Swallowtail (Papilio machaon), Rosy Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus onopordi) and Southern Brown Argus (Aricia cramera).
Small White (Pieris rapae).
Other species seen included and Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela maroccana),  Spiny-footed Lizard (Acanthodactylus erythrurus), Rabbit (Conejo / Oryctolagus cuniculus), White Rockrose (Helianthemum apenninum), Shrubby Gromwell (Lithodora fruticosa), Barbary Nut (Moraea sisyrinchium), Common stork's bill (Erodium ciconium) and up by the road as I was leaving I found a single spike of Giant Orchid (Himanthoglosum Robertiana).
Rosy Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus onopordi).
It started to rain so I decided to head home, on the way I picked up Red-billed Chough (Chova Piquirroja / Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax), Carrion Crow (Corneja Negra / Corvus corone) and Booted Eagle (Aguililla Calzada / Hieraaetus pennatus).
Red-horned Poppy (Glaucium corniculatum).

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Sierra de Morena, Andujar, Jaen Province, Spain.

The last day in Sierra de Morena.
Ebird List for La Lancha.
Griffon Vulture (Bultre Leonado / Gyps fulvus).
We again had a nice easy start but headed straight up to the La Lancha area where we spent the next 7+ hours along the track down as far as and just passed the mainly abandoned Poblado de La Lancha village.
Brown Bluebell (Dipcadi serotinum).
Lesser Snapdragon (Misopates orontium).
We spent the first few hours right at the start of the main viewing area where we saw
Sardinian Warbler (Curruca Cabecinegra / Sylvia melanocephala), Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus), Wren (Chochin / Troglodytes troglodytes), Woodlark (Totovia / Lullula arborea), Rock Bunting (Escribano Montesino / Emberiza cia), Song Thrush (Zorzal Común / Turdus philomelos), Iberian Green Woodpecker (Pito Real / Picus sharpei), Red-legged Partridge (Perdiz Roja / Alectoris rufa), Little Owl (Mochuelo Europeo / Athene noctua), Griffon (Bultre Leonado / Gyps fulvus) and Cinereous / European Black Vulture (Buitre Negro / Aegypius monachus), Iberian Imperial Eagle (Aguila Imperial Ibérica / Aguila adalberti), a male Marsh Harrier (Aguilucho Lagunero Occidental / Circus aeruginosus), Sparrowhawk (Gavilán Común / Accipiter nisus) and a big female Northern Goshawk (Azor Común / Accipitor gentillis) which did a big wide loop around us.
Cinereous / European Black Vulture (Buitre Negro / Aegypius monachus).
Cinereous / European Black Vulture (Buitre Negro / Aegypius monachus).
We also saw quite a few wildflowers including Brown Bluebell (Dipcadi serotinum), Lesser Snapdragon (Misopates orontium), Iberian Milk-vetch (Astragalus lusitanicus), Cloven Petalled Campion (Silene colorata), Common Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis), French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas), Gum (Cistus ladanifer) and Grey-leaved Cistus (Cistus albidus), Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifraga granulata) and Purple Bugloss (Echium plantagineum).
Sardinian Warbler (Curruca Cabecinegra / Sylvia melanocephala).
Other species were
Red Deer (Ciervo común / Cervus elaphus), Rabbit (Conejo / Oryctolagus cuniculus), Clouded Yellow (Colias corceua), Common Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) as the morning went on the low cloud, fog or whatever the correct term is rolled in and visibility was reduced to virtually nothing so we decided to have a drive down towards the dam and look for a couple of Orchids which another group of Brits (Kath, Steve and Mick) had told us about.
Oaks in the Mist.
French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) with a foggy back ground.
Art work done by Anna before the fog came in.
We got down there and again saw several spikes of Champagne (Orchis champagneuxii) and Sawfly Orchid (Ophrys tenthredinifera), we also (from the directions from Kath) found a very smart spike of Pink Butterfly (Orchis papilionacea) and whilst searching for this we spotted a very smart spike of Woodcock Orchid (Ophrys Scolopax).
Champagne Orchid (Orchis champagneuxii).
Champagne Orchid (Orchis champagneuxii).
Champagne Orchid (Orchis champagneuxii).
We also found
Wild Grape (Muscari neglectum) and Tassel Hyacinth (Leopoldia comosa), Palmate Anemone (Anemone palmata), Common Vetch (Vicia sativa), White Rockrose (Helianthemum apenninum), Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum baeticum) and Bermuda Buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae).
Sawfly Orchid (Ophrys tenthredinifera).
We headed back up to the main Lynx area but spent some time at another view point but with the same results but we did add Common Cuckoo (Cuco Común / Cuculus canorus), Hoopoe (Abubilla / Upupa epops), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Pico Picapinos / Dendrocopos major), Common Kestrel (Cernicalo Vulgar / Falco tinnunculus), Iberian  Magpie (Rabilargo / Cyanopica cooki), Red-billed Chough (Chova Piquirroja / Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax), Blackcap (Curruca Capirotada / Sylvia atricailla),Crested Tit (Herrerillo Capuchino / Parus cristatus), Crag (Avión Roquero / Ptyonoprogne rupestris) and House Martin (Avión Común / Delichon urbica), Barn (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica) and Red-rumped Swallow (Golondrina Dáurica / Hirundo daurica), Dartford Warbler (Curruca Rabilarga / Sylvia undata) and a fly over Hawfinch (Picogordo / Coccotraustes coccotrauetes).
Pink Butterfly Orchid (Orchis papilionacea).
We started to make our way back to La Caracola, on the way back we saw and heard Nuthatch (Trepador Azul / Sitta europaea), Short-toed Treecreeper (Agateador Común / Certhia brachydactyla) and another Pink Butterfly Orchid which was surprising growing right on the edge of the Tarmac.
Woodcock Orchid (Ophrys Scolopax).
Woodcock Orchid (Ophrys Scolopax).
We returned to the digs and sorted out tomorrows breakfast times with Laura as I wanted to be off earlier than Anna and Charles as I was heading for Baza on the way home, on the way back to the house we saw a large patch of Palmate Anemone and later we again headed out for a nice meal.
Palmate Anemone (Anemone palmata).

Palmate Anemone (Anemone palmata).