Saturday 17 August 2019

Priorslee Flash & Hangman's Pool, Telford, Shropshire.

A lunch time walk around the pool.

Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra).
I took a couple of hours doing a clockwise circit of the pool, on the side with the houses close in to the anks there were good numbers of Mallard (Anade Azulón / Anas platyrhynchos), Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra) including a couple having a really good scrap, Common Moorhen (Gallineta Común / Gallinulas chloropus), a group of Canada Geese (Barnacla Canadiense /Branta canadensis), an immature Great Crested Grebe (Somormujo Lavanco / Podiceps cristatus), Tufted Duck (Porrón Monudo / Aythya fuligula) and further around on the far side Lesser Black-backed (Gaviota Sombria / Larus fuscus) and Black-headed Gulls (Gaviota Riedora / Larus ridibundus), Common Magpie (Urraca / Pica pica), Goldfinch (Jilguero / Carduelis carduelis) and Sparrowhawk (Gavilán Común / Accipiter nisus).

Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra).
 Along the boardwalks on the last stretch of the walk I had several Common Blue Damselflies (Enallagma cyathinerum), a couple of Southern / Blue Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) and Small White (Pieris rapae) butterflies.
Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra).
Birds included more of the previous species as well as Common Buzzard (Busardo Ratonero / Buteo buteo), Blue (Herrerillo Común / Parus caeruleus) and Long-tailed Tits (Mito / Aegithalos caudatus), Blackbird (Mirlo Común / Turdus merula), Common Chaffinch (Pinzón Vulgar / Fringilla coelebs), Carrion Crow (Corneja Negra / Corvus corone) and Robin (Petirrojo Europeo / Erithacus rubecula).
Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra).

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Bridgnorth and the river Seven, Shropshire.

Day great day out with good friends Steve and Lynn up from Cornwall.

Looking down on the Seven.
Our friends Steve and Lynn travelled up from Cornwall to spend a couple of days with us, this was the second day and we spent a really nice day out around Bridgnorth and along the River Seven.
Funicular Railway.
We parked on Seven Park and walked along the River to the bridge where we saw Black-headed (Gaviota Riedora / Larus ridibundus) and Lesser Black-backed Gull (Gaviota Sombria / Larus fuscus), Goosander (Mergus merganser) x5F, Mallard (Anade Azulón / Anas platyrhynchos) and several Eurasian Coots (Focha Común / Fulica atra).
Once across the Bridge we got onto the funicular railway and went up into High Town where we had a good walk round and then some Lunch.
Later we dropped back down on the Railway and then walked back along the river adding Banded Damoiselle (Calopteryx splendens), House Martin (Avión Común / Delichon urbica), Common Moorhen (Gallineta Común / Gallinulas chloropus), Grey Heron (Garza Real / Ardea cinerea),
Common Magpie (Urraca / Pica pica) and Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus).
We returned to the car and then drove back to Albrighton ut made a stop at Green Pool on the edge of Albrighton where we looked for Dragonflies and we were not disappointed when we found several Small Red-eyed Damselflies (Erythromma viridulum) which we later found out was only the third county record, as well as these little crackers we also had Common Spreadwing (Lestes sponsa), Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella), Common Bluetail ( Ischnura elegans) and Southern / Blue Hawker (Aeshna cyanea).
Thanks to Steve and Lynn for a great day out.

Jayne, Steve and Lynn.
Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella).

Common Spreadwing (Lestes sponsa).

Small Red-eyed Damselflies (Erythromma viridulum).

Monday 12 August 2019

Peble Brook Fields, Albrighton, Shropshire.

Out walking Harry the dog.

Small White (Pieris rapae).
Just a quick walk out to the fields along the Pebble Brook area and over to Woodhouse Lane and back.
Peacock (Aglais io).
Species seen included Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus), Collared Dove (Tórtola Turca / Streptopelia decaocto), House Martin (Avión Común / Delichon urbica), Common Magpie (Urraca / Pica pica), Carrion Crow (Corneja Negra / Corvus corone), Robin (Petirrojo Europeo / Erithacus rubecula), Blue (Herrerillo Común / Parus caeruleus) and Long-tailed Tit (Mito / Aegithalos caudatus), Common Chaffinch (Pinzón Vulgar / Fringilla coelebs), Stock Dove (Paloma Zurita / Columba oenas), Common Buzzard (Busardo Ratonero / Buteo buteo), Blackbird (Mirlo Común / Turdus merula), Greenfinch (Verderón Común / Carduelis chloris), Goldfinch (Jilguero / Carduelis carduelis), Wren (Chochin / Troglodytes troglodytes), Pied / White Wagtail (Lavandera Blanca / Montacilla alba / yarrellii), Linnet (Pardillo Común / Carduelis cannabina), House Sparrow (Gorrión Común / Passer domesticus), Barn Swallow (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica), Pheasant (Faisán Vulgar / Phaisanus colchicus), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Pico Picapinos / Dendrocopos major), Black-headed Gull (Gaviota Riedora / Larus ridibundus) and Common Swift (Vencejo Común / Apus apus). 
Back at the house I checked the Buddleja and found Peacock (Aglais io) and Small White (Pieris rapae).