Friday 17 June 2022

Eagles View and nearby, South Australia.

My first day in Australia, which was mostly in Deb's or her Mom's Garden.
South Australia, Day Two.

The view from my room just after sun rise on my first morning.

After a great nights sleep I was up just before 07.00 to the amazing calls of a large flock of Australian Magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen) which were down in the valley just below the farm, a good start.
Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus).
Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus).
Before breakfast I spent a while out in front of my room and added New Holland Honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae), Little (Anthochaera chrysoptera) and Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata), lots of the amazinly colourful Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus), Superb Fairywrens (Malurus cyaneus) and the more familiar House Sparrow (Passer domesticus).
Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla).
New Holland Honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae).
During breakfast which we had sat out on the Veranda we saw lots of Galah's (Eolophus roseicapilla), a couple of fly over Magpie-larks (Grallina cyanoleuca) and the first of many of the very variable Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans).
Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata).
Striated Thornbill (Acanthiza lineata).
Later whilst Deb fed the animals I had a bit of a wander finding Little Raven (Corvus mellori), Willie-wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) and another couple of familiar species, Blackbird (Turdus merula) and Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris).
Frog Species.
Next we went to feed the animals at Renate's, Deb's Mom who is an amazing lady, as I had only just flown in both Deb and I kept out distance but we still managed to have a really nice chat, a coffee and some really good chocolate biscuit's as well as adding several new species to my list including Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata), Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes), White-browed Scrubwren (Sericornis frontalis), Striated Thornbill (Acanthiza lineata), Western Whistler (Pachycephala fuliginosa), Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa), Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) and on the way back to Deb's  a single Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita), a couple of Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera) and several Western Grey Kangaroo's (Macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus).
Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes).
As soon as we were back Deb went up to Meadow's and I wandered around the patch a little more and again came up with a few new species including Red-browed Firetail (Neochmia temporalis), Nankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides), Grey Currawong (Strepera versicolor), Yellow-faced Honeyeater (Caligavis chrysops), 3x Musk Lorikeet (Glossopsitta concinna) and down by the dam a flyby from a Monarch (Danaus plexippus) which was introdued many years ago.
Grey Currawong (Strepera versicolor).
I need a few things including an Australian SIM card so Deb kindly took me up to Mount Barker where we did a bit of shopping, on the way I saw
White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae), Australian Ibis (Threskiornis molucca), Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) and lots of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia).
Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa).
After some lunch and a cake we did the required shopping and the headed back to the Farm to start getting things ready for heading south tomorrow, during this time I saw  and heard my first Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae).
Superb Fairywren (Malurus cyaneus) winter Male.
Superb Fairywrens (Malurus cyaneus) Female on the left, male to the right.
Later Deb did us a very nice Curry before we packed the last bit before tomorrows drive South / east down toward the border with Victoria.

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Andy Mountford said...

Hi Mick. Very envious! I'm pleased to hear you arrived safely. Happy birding,!! :)