Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province, Spain.

Moth Count.
8828 Raphia hybris.
It was dry and warmer over night with the temperature staying up at +13.5. The trap was down on the lower terrace.
In the trap I found 1648 Ethmia terminella, 1655 Ethmia bipunctella x1, 4855 Epinotia thapsiana x2, 6184 Eudonia angustea x1, 6488 Evergestis frumentalis x1, 6531 Udea ferrugalis (Rusty Dot Pearl) x1, 6700 Dolicharthria punctalis x2, 6719 Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer) x1, 6860 Hyles livornica (Striped Hawk-moth) x2, 8828 Raphia hybris x1, 9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw) x1, 9433 Caradrina clavipalpis (Pale Mottled Willow) x6, 9454 Hoplodrina ambigua (Vine's Rustic) x1 and 9917 Laconobia oleracea (Bright-line Brown-eye) x2.
6700 Dolicharthria punctalis.
Brindled Pug (Eupithecia abbreviata) probably but warn (thanks Dave Grundy).

9917 Laconobia oleracea (Bright-line Brown-eye).

4855 Epinotia thapsiana.

9454 Hoplodrina ambigua (Vine's Rustic).

Metzneria species (thanks Dave Grundy).

Metzneria species (thanks Dave Grundy).

6184 Eudonia angustea.

9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw).

1648 Ethmia terminella.

6531 Udea ferrugalis (Rusty Dot Pearl).
6719 Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer).

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