Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province.

Moth Trapping.

Agrochola lychnidis (Beaded Chestnut).
The trap was again run over night and another couple of new species were recorded with a couple more needing to be identified. 
Dryobotodes tenebrosa.
The new species were Agrochola lychnidis (Beaded Chestnut) and Dryobotodes tenebrosa x3. Another species I do not catch often was Watsonalla uncinula which is very similar to the Oak hook-tip back in the UK. 
Watsonalla uncinula.
These were caught along with more usual species including Palpita vitrealis, Ethmia bipunctella, Uresiphita polygonalis, Menophora japygiaria, Rhodometra sacraria (The Vestal), Pseudozarba bipartite and a shed load of Earias insulana (Egyptian Bollworm) in different colour forms.
Palpita vitrealis.

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