Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Malaga City, Malaga Province.

A visit to the Glass museum and Tyssen Art Gallery.

Group around the Museum.
Jayne and I meet several other members of the English Group for a coach trip down to the Glass Museum in Malaga (link on right hand side of blog), Jayne and I had been before but had really enjoyed it.
Viewing the painting.
We arrived and strolled through the streets of the City passing the Cathedral to the Museum where we were to meet Ian Phillips one of the owners and our guide for the visit.
Glass cabinet.
On arrival Ian gave us all a brief history of the building and it past uses before splitting us into two groups for the tour. The exhibits were varied and very interesting just to look at but with all the information supplied by Ian about the Glass, furniture and paintings the visit was made so much richer.
Fountain in the park.
Later we made our way though the City, had a coffee and eventually found the Tyssen Art Gallery. I enjoyed this but much preferred the earlier part of the day.
After having a nice lunch we spent some time around the shops and then had a stroll along the tree lines areas near the port, here we saw both Ring-necked and Monk Parakeets.
Government building in Malaga.
Later we had another drink before meet the coach and the journey home, a long but very enjoyable day.

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