Monday, 8 November 2021

Heading South to Southampton, Britain.

Heading back home.
Trip to Uk, Day Thirty Seven.
I had said goodbye to Albrighton today, It had been great staying with my Mom as it gave us some time together which we had not been able to have during my last time in the UK due to Covid and thank you John for putting up with me for nearly a month.
I also got to spend some time with my brother and his family and Jayne's brothers and sisters. 
I will miss you all and hope my next trip will be a little less hectic and I will have more time.
It was also a great relief getting the Memorial for Jayne sorted and to see so many friends and family there to remember her. I was very pleased that due to the generosity of everyone that came we were able to give another £300 to Compton Hospice, Thank you all.
It was great getting out birding with good friends Sharon and John and picking up four Lifers on three trips, I also had a well timed but long over due visit to Cornwall to stay with some more good friends Lynn and Steve who showed me around their county for a week and we even managed another bird lifer for me as well.
There were so many high lights to the trip like the above and meeting up with friend from my work days, just having a few pints in Next Door Bar and more, I was sad to head off south but I was also looking forward to getting back Home.
So this part of the journey started with a drive down to Southampton where I was met by friend Andy who was going to be travelling with me down to Granada. He had organised a guest accommodation room in his building so that we could be off early to catch the Ferry early tomorrow morning but this evening we went out for a Turkish meal in the town which was very nice.

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