Thursday, 1 July 2021

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province, Spain.

Moth Count.
7984 Chlorissa  etruscaria.
I put the Actinic track out but there were not many Moths in the trap in the morning but I was not surprised as it had been a very warm night.
7987 Microloxia herbaria.

Species included 4592 Cacoecimorpha pronubana x1, 4791 Lobesia botrana x1, 5144 Cydia pomonella (Codling Moth) x1, 5615 Synaphe lorquinalis x1. 6442 Aporodes floralis x1, 6707 Metasia suppandalis x1,7725 Menophora japygiaria (Brassy Waved Umber) x1, 7984 Chlorissa  etruscaria x2, 7987 Microloxia herbaria x1 and 10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth) x1.
5615 Synaphe lorquinalis.

10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth).

5144 Cydia pomonella (Codling Moth).

6707 Metasia suppandalis.

6442 Aporodes floralis.

7725 Menophora japygiaria (Brassy Waved Umber).

4592 Cacoecimorpha pronubana.

4791 Lobesia botrana.


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