Monday, 29 March 2021

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province, Spain.

Moth Count.
0663 Trichophaga Bipartitella.
The temperature was up at +13.5 and the Moth numbers were greatly improved with 75 Moths of 17 species.
9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw).
0663 Trichophaga Bipartitella x1, 4245 Cochylimorpha decolorella x1, 6599 Pyrausta sanguinalis (Scarce Crimson & Gold) x1, 7581 Neognopharia stevenaria x1, 7725 Menophora japygiaria (Brassy Waved Umber) x3, 7926 Semiaspilates ochrearia (Yellow Belle) x1, 8059 Scopula marginepunctata (Mullein Wave) x2, 8256 Xanthorhoe fluctuata (Garden Carpet) x1, 8328 Nebula ibericata x3, 9011 Raparna conicephala x1, 9056 Autographa gamma (Silver Y) x1, 9367 Heliothis peltigera (Bordered Straw) x2, 9433 Caradrina clavipalpis (Pale Mottled Willow) x7, 9435 Caradrina noctivaga x9, 10029 Mythimna sicula x15, 10343 Shuttle Shaped Dart (Agrotis puta) x24 and 10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth) x2.
4245 Cochylimorpha decolorella.

9011 Raparna conicephala.

10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth).
10044 Common Quaker (Orthosia cerasi).
10351 Agrotis segetum (Turnip Moth).
8059 Scopula marginepunctata (Mullein Wave).

7581 Neognopharia stevenaria.

7926 Semiaspilates ochrearia (Yellow Belle).

8328 Nebula ibericata.

9435 Caradrina noctivaga.

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