Monday, 6 July 2020

Realenga de Acicampe, Grananada Province, Spain.

Fire on the hill side nearby.

Into the smoke.
This mornings task was to sort out the bottom accommodation which I am pleased to say did not take too long. Bit of filler and a swip of paint, a wipe and mop and it was done by lunch time. 
Heavy lifter.
At around 12.00 I notice a small aircraft and then a large plum of smoke over the next nearby ridge, as the afternoon went on the fire grew as did the number fire fighters.
Bombing the target.
I walked up the hill and watched from there as 3 Helicopters and 2 fixed winged aircraft tackled the fire and then 6 or so Bombero Local in Loja and Bombero Forestal Trucks came to do the hard ground work. 
Going back to fill up again and again.
I am now righting this at 18.30 and I am still hearing planes but looks as if it almost out. Very lucky that there was not a breath of wind today so the fire was slow moving up the hillside.
One of the fixed wings after dropping a long red line of fire retardent.
On the far side of the fire.
In bound with another load fron the Rio Genil.

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