Friday, 23 June 2017

Undisclosed site, Granada Province.

Cream-coloured Courser (corredor Sahariano / Cursorius cursor) Spanish Lifer in Granada Province. 

I met up with Juan Pérez Contreras at his home as Juan, Beatriz, Jayne and I were meant to be going for a walk along the Rio Genil but plans change and Beatriz and Jayne went and did the walk whilst Juan and I went birding.
With info Juan had got from the finder of the bird (Francisco Contreras Parody, thank you) we went out to a locaton in Granada Province where we found Juan Fransico Jimenez and then the Cream-coloured Courser (corredor Sahariano / Cursorius cursor) but not just one but a pair and when Juan came over to us he told us that when he arrived there had been three birds. After getting good but distant views of these stunning birds we left and met up with Beatriz and Jayne at a bar in Pinos Genil where we had a beer and tapas. A great evening.

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