Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Near Huétor Tajar, Granada Province.

Moth Trapping.

6496 Evergestis isatidalis
I put the Actinic trap out in the garden and was pleased with the contents, all of which were photographed and relased during the morning. Identified species included 0707 Monopis imella x1, 6496 Evergestis isatidalis x2, 9454 Hoplodrina ambigua (Vine's Rustic) x1, 9591 Agrochola lunosa (Lunar Underwing) x1, 9616 Episema glaucina x2, 9621 Episema gruenri x3, 10034 Mythimna loreyi (Cosmopolitan) x1, 10212 Xestia xanthographa (Square-spot Rustic) x1, 10215 Xestia kermesina x1, 10326 Eucoptocnemis optabilis x6 and 10238 Peridroma saucia (Pearly Underwing) x1 with a few still needing names.
9616 Episema glaucina

9591 Agrochola lunosa (Lunar Underwing)

10238 Peridroma saucia (Pearly Underwing)

10326 Eucoptocnemis optabilis

9621 Episema gruenri
0707 Monopis imella

10215 Xestia kermesina

10212 Xestia xanthographa (Square-spot Rustic)

10034 Mythimna loreyi (Cosmopolitan)
10326 Eucoptocnemis optabilis

9454 Hoplodrina ambigua (Vine's Rustic)


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