Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Marbella area, Malaga Province.

Orchids in a protected spot and a new butterfly for my Spanish List.

Portuguese Dappled White (Euchloe tagis).
We spent the morning around the shops on Gib adding two birds to my carboot list with a litre of Red Grouse and Snow Grouse coming home, we also called at Morrisons and collected the second best thing to be found on Gib some Clotted Cream!!!
On our way home we called at a spot I had visited several years ago with Ian Phillips, a friend from Malaga where we had seen a couple of spikes of the uncommon Heart-flowered Tounge Orchid (Serapias cordigera) and lots of Limodorum trabutianum but since our first visit the site has been covered by Aventura Amazonia which I thought would be the end of the Orchids but I was wrong about that I am pleased to say. 
Heart-flowered Tounge Orchid (Serapias cordigera).
We arrived and I checked out the areas around the out side of the fences surrounding Aventura Amazonia but the site had been so badly damaged by bikes and other vehicles there was not much to be found except for Small Pink (Cistus crispus) and Laurel-leaved Cistus (Cistus laurifolius) and a new species of butterfly for my list a Portuguese Dappled White (Euchloe tagis).
After finding very little in the surrounding area I had a look through the fences and soon saw a few spikes of the Heart-flowered Tounge Orchid which were in very nice condition so I went arround to the entrance and two of the helpers there very helpfully took me to the area and allowed me to take some shots. I also found several more spikes of the serapias and lots of yet to flower Trabutianum before heading off towards home.
Heart-flowered Tounge Orchid (Serapias cordigera).

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