Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sierra de Loja and Huetor Fields, Granada Province.

A quick visit to the lower slopes of Sierra de Loja whilst Jayne was having lunch with a friend and a look at the fields on the way home.

Dartford (Curruca Rabilarga / Sylvia undata).
I spent a couple of hours on the low Northern slopes on the track to the small disused quarry, during this time I saw Iberian Magpie (Rabilargo / Cyanopica cyanus), Jackdaw (Grajilla / Corvus monedula), Red-billed Chough (Chova Piquirroja / Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax), Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus), Collared Dove (Tórtola Turca / Streptopelia decaocto), Dartford (Curruca Rabilarga / Sylvia undata) and Sardinian Warblers (Curruca Cabecinegra / Sylvia melanocephala), Black Redstart (Colirrojo Tizón / Phoenicurus ochruros), Blue-rock Thrush (Roquero Solitario / Monticola solitarius), Black Wheatear (Collalba Negra / Oenanthe leucura), Common Kestrel (Cernicalo Vulgar / Falco tinnunculus), Common Stonechat (Tarabilla Común / Saxicola torquata), Spotless Starling (Estornino Negro / Sturnus unicolor), Thekla Lark (Cogujada Montesina / Galerida theklae) and Serin (Verdecillo / Serinus serinus). 
Giant Orchid (Himantoglossum robertiana).
On the way down to Loja I also found 8 spikes of Giant Orchids (Himantoglossum robertiana) and several Ophrys forestieri.
Little Bustards (Sisón Común / Tetrax tetrax).
I picked Jayne up and we headed back home, on the way we called in at the fields near Huétor Tajar and found the wintering Little Bustards (Sisón Común / Tetrax tetrax) x82, Northern Lapwing (Avefria Europea / Vanellus vanellus) x298, Skylark (Alondra Común / Alauda arvensis), Crested Lark (Cogujada / Galerida cristata), Corn Bunting (Triguero / Emberiza calandra) and Little Owl (Mochuelo Europeo / Athene noctua).
Little Bustards (Sisón Común / Tetrax tetrax).

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