Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cologne to Home.

An end to a very nice trip.

We were up for a very early breakfast and again with Jayne reading the very accurate instructions from the IPad we were soon at the car drop off point at the airport where a very nice young lady passed the car as fine on return so we headed in to the departures area where I left Jayne to go and just confirm that the ridiculous €1000 deposit was taken off my credit card with the car hire people. I got to the desk and said that the car was back and that all was well and that I wanted to make sure nothing was still left on the card. The chap said that it takes an hour or so for the keys and the papers to get to him and then he would do it, I was happy with that but as we are always told, if you are not happy with some thing then let them know so I asked to see the manager of the desk but was told that he did not get in until 10:00 so I explained why I was not happy with the events when I collected the car and was amazed by the reponce I got. When I had finished the chap said well it sounds as though you will not use EASYCAR or us (THRIFTY) again anyway so why should we give a shit and with that he got up and walked off and left me and another customer standing there amazed.
Anyway after that we went through security and caught our flight home and the drove back to Loja all with out further incident.

The trip had been great, both Hotels had been very good and served our perposes well. The German people were very nice and we enjoyed everything about the trip apart from the Car Hire company.
Would I return to this part of Germany at this time of year? now that I have seen the Christmas Markets probably not but only because it was so dam cold. I would like to go back again at a warmer time of the year though.

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Bas. said...

Toch vreemd van z.on verhuurbedrijf.