Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rincon del la Victoria, Malaga Province.

A day on the beach !!!

Barb, Jayne and I headed off down to the coast at Rincon and found somewhere with OKish sunbeds and settled down on the front row just above the waves which was great as I could sit there quite happily getting some rays and sea watching at the same time. During the day I picked up both Balearic (Pardela Balear / Puffinus mauretanicus) and Cory's Shearwaters (Pardela Cenicienta / Calonectris diomedea) in good numbers, smaller numbers of Northern Gannets (Alcatraz Atlántico / Morus bassanus), Sandwich Terns (Charrán Patinegro / Sterna sandvicensis), Great Cormorants (Cormorán Grande / Phalacrocroax carbo) along with Black-headed (Gaviota Riedora / Larus ridibundus), Mediterranean (Gaviota Cabecinegra / Larus melanocephalus), Audouin's (Gaviota de Audouin / Larus audouinii), Lesser Black-backed (Gaviota Sombria / Larus fuscus) and Yellow-legged Gulls (Gaviota Patiamarilla / Larus Michahellis). all day long there was a constant stream of hirundines heading west along the beach and further out to sea, most were Barn Swallows (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica) but I also saw plenty of Red-rumped (Golondrina Dáurica / Hirudo daurica) along with both Sand (Avión Zapador / Riparia riparia) and Sand Martins (Avión Zapador / Riparia riparia). Surprisingly three species of Dragonfly were also seen out on the sands, singles of Orange-winged Dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi) and Vagrant Emperor (Anax ephippiger) and several Red-veined Darters (Sympetrum fonscolombii).

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