Tuesday, 17 June 2014

North of Malaga, Malaga Province.

A few Dragonflies.

Small Pincertail (Onychogomphus forcipatus).
I dropped Jayne off in Malaga and made my way North to a small tree lined river that I had visited a week or so earlier.
Broad Scarlet (Crocothemis erythraea).
I parked and walked up the dry river bed until I reached a point where there was a small trickle which got stronger as I walked further on, on the way I saw a Little Egret (Garceta Común / Egreeta garzetta), Nightingale (Ruisenor Común / Luscinia megarhynchos), Common Waxbill (Estrilda Ondulada / Estrilda astrild), Serin (Verdecillo / Serinus serinus), Goldfinch (Jilguero / Carduelis carduelis), Spotless Starling (Estornino Negro / Sturnus unicolor),
Nightingale (Ruisenor Común / Luscinia megarhynchos).
House Sparrow (Gorrión Común / Passer domesticus), Greenfinch (Verderón Común / Carduelis chloris), Collared Dove (Tórtola Turca / Streptopelia decaocto), Barn Swallow (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica), Common Swift (Vencejo Común / Apus apus), European Bee-eater (Abejaruco Común / Merops apiaster), Little Ringed Plover (Chorlitejo Chico / Charadrius dubius) and just as I reached
Adult male Epaulet Skimmer (Orthetrum chrysostigma).
the main Dragon area a Green Sandpiper (Andarrios Grande / Tringa ochropus) flushed up. In the main area of water I soon located Epaulet Skimmer (Orthetrum chrysostigma), Broad Scarlet (Crocothemis erythraea), Copper Demoiselle (Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis), Iberian Blue-tail  (Ischnura graellsii), Blue / Common Emperor (Anax imperator), Orange-winged Dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi), Small Pincertail (Onychogomphus forcipatus) and Violet Dropwing (Trithemis annulata). Also seen during the walk I also saw Viperine Snake (Culebra Viperina / Natrix maura), Stripe-necked Terrapin (Mauremys leprosa) and Iberian Water Frog (Rana Común / Rana Perezi).
Teneral Male Epaulet Skimmer.

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