Friday, 29 November 2013

Padul Nature Reserve, Granada Province.

First Day of talks and workshops but with a Spanish Lifer in the break.

Today Juan Perez and I were heading to Padul to help with a course at the Nature Reserve Centre with some Spanish Student. I was the doing a talk and workshop and Juan was there to help me out as his talk was not until tomorrow and very greatful am I that he was there (THANKS JUAN). During the break between my talk and the workshop I went out into the car park for some air, it was just going dark and I was very pleased when two Woodcock (Chocha Perdiz / Scolopax rusticola) flew across in front of myself and one of the students as it was a new species for my Spanish List (long over due). The talk and workshop went well and we headed off home.

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Anonymous said...

ja altijd weer fijn als het allemaal goed verloopt maar ook heel leuk om te doen voor heel erg geinterresseerde mensen.