Saturday, 8 September 2012

Loja, Granada Province.

The September GOOD FORK CLUB meeting.

Den and Jayne.
After a very good days birding it was great to finish off with a brilliant evening / night with friends down in Loja at Jean and Davids house. We arrived at 19:30 to find the table set in the very nice surroundings of the court yard and ready for our next GOOD FORK meal.
Em and Greg.
David and Jean were there to met us and Dennis and Sue were hard at work getting the final parts of the meal ready. Soon Em and Greg, Peter and Silvia and Cherry had arrived and we all settled down to a cracking meal.
David and Peter.
Cherry, Jean and Sylvia.
The food.
We also enjoyed some good wine and by the end of the night some very interesting (sometimes lively) conversation!! Thanks again to Dennis, Sue, Jean and David for all their work and for another enjoyable evening.

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