Thursday, 5 April 2012

Local Patch, Huétor Fields, Granada Province.

Another couple of species for the year list.

Little Ringed Plover (Chorlitejo Chico / Charadrius dubius).
I popped down the fields for a couple of hours to have a look if the Spotted Crakes (Polluela Pintoja / Porzana porzana) I had seen a couple of days ago was still about but there was no sign of either bird, this I think was mainly due to the water had nearly dried up. 
Linnet (Pardillo Común / Carduelis cannabina).
On the way down I saw several Iberian  Magpie (Rabilargo / Cyanopica cooki), a very dull looking female Woodchat Shrike (Alcaudón Común / Lanius senator), Willow Warbler (Mosquitero Musical / Phylloscopus trochillus), Common Chiffchaff (Mosquitero Común / Phylloscopus collybita), Green Sandpiper (Andarrios Grande / Tringa ochropus) and Mistle Thrush (Zorzal Charlo / Turdus viscivorus). 
Goldfinch (Jilguero / Carduelis carduelis).
At the spot there was a pair of Little Ringed Plovers (Chorlitejo Chico / Charadrius dubius) which kept seeing off the couple of remaining Common Moorhens (Gallineta Común / Gallinula Chloropus) and numerous Spanish (Yellow) Wagtail (Lavandera Boyera / Motacilla flava iberiae). 
Spanish (Yellow) Wagtail (Lavandera Boyera / Motacilla flava iberiae).
A Nightingale (Ruisenor Común / Luscinia megarhynchos) was singing from one of the stands of reeds but remained well hidden, the first year tick were at least 5 male Golden Orioles (Oropéndola / Oriolus oriolus) which were singing and flying between two Poplar plantation and then the second year tick, a calling Wryneck (Torcecuello / Jynx torquilla) which although it was just on the far side of the dry river remained out of sight. 
Spanish (Yellow) Wagtail (Lavandera Boyera / Motacilla flava iberiae).
Other species seen here included Woodpigeon (Paloma Torcaz / Columba palumbus), Spotless Starling (Estornino Negro / Sturnus unicolor), Serin (Verdecillo / Serinus serinus), Red-legged Partridge (Perdiz Roja / Alectoris rufa), Pallid Swift (Vencejo Pálido / Apus pallidus), Northern Wheatear (Collalba Gris / Oenanthe oenanthe), Meadow Pipit (Bistita Común / Anthus pratensis), Long-tailed Tit (Mito / Aegithalos caudatus), Linnet (Pardillo Común / Carduelis cannabina), House Martin (Avión Común / Delichon urbica), House Sparrow (Gorrión Común / Passer Domesticus), Greenfinch (Verderón Común / Carduelis chloris), Great Tit (Carbonero Común / Parus major), Goldfinch (Jilguero / Carduelis carduelis), Crested Lark (Cogujada Común / Galerida cristata), Corn Bunting (Triguero / Emberiza calandra), Common Kestrel (Cernicalo Vulga / Falco tinnunculus) and Collared Dove (Tórtola Turca / Streptopelia decaocto).
Woodchat Shrike (Alcaudón Común / Lanius senator).
After spending an hour or so looking for the Crakes I decided to have a drive out towards Mesia and have a look at more of the irrigation and drainage channels. On the way round I added Barn Swallow (Golondrina Común / Hirundo rustica), Blackbird (Mirlo Común / Turdus merula), Blackcap (Curruca Capirotada / Sylvia atricapilla), Western Cattle Egret (Garcilla Bueyera / Bubulcus ibis), Cetti’s Warbler (Ruisenor Bastardo / Cettia cetti), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Pico Picapinos / Dendrocopos major), at least 5 more Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper (Andarrios Chico / Actitis hypoleucos), loads more Spanish (Yellow) Wagtail including one that posed nicely and White Wagtail (Lavandera Blanca / Montacilla alba).
I then had another quick look at the Crake spot but did not see any thing new so I started to head home picking up another Woodchat Shrike on the wires and a flock of around 10 European Bee-eater (Abejaruco Común / Merops apiaster).

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