Thursday, 1 December 2011

Frontil Industrial Estate, Loja, Granada Province.

Lots of birds but none seen.

I was making a quick visit to Santiago the mechanic we use in Loja to get the Speedo sorted out; when I arrived there was a note on the door saying "be back in 20 mins". Well 45 mins later he arrived towing a car in which had broken down some where down the way, but straight away he got to work and the Speedo was sorted in a few seconds and I was on my way. Just as I was pulling out of the garage I heard the loud calls of some Common Cranes (Grulla Común / Grus grus) from the dark skies over head so I parked up and listened. The birds continued to pass for some time and the noise just got louder and louder as more birds came over, it was so noisy that some of the workers in other units came out to see what it was. I guess that there were well over a hundred birds, if not several hundred as it’s hard to judge in the dark but the noise was incredible.

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