Thursday, 6 October 2011

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province.

Moth Trapping.

As usual I decided to run the 15w trap and was pleased to find a drastic drop in the number of the black beetles which had been infesting the trap recently. Along with a few beetles there were a number of new species for the garden, these included Cynaeda dentalis, Peribatodes umbraria, Scopula ornata (Lace border) and Stilbia andalusiaca.
Other species were Trichophaga tapetzella (Tapestry Moth), Hellula undalis (Old World Webworm), Microloxia herbaria, Cladocerotis optabilis, Leucochlaena oditis (Beautiful Gothic), Episema glaucina, Pseudozarba bipartita, Idaea degeneraria (Portland Ribbon Wave), a dozen or more Earias insulana (Egyptian Bollworm), Coscinia cribraria f. chysocephala (Speckled Footman) and Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson Speckled).
Photographs from the top: Cynaeda dentalis, Peribatodes umbraria, Scopula ornata (Lace border), Stilbia andalusiaca and Earias insulana (Egyptian Bollworm).

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