Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Malaga City, Malaga Province.

A crunching start to a visit to the Piccaso Museum.

Jayne, her sister Barbara and I set off nice and early to spend the day around Malaga but mainly to visit the Picasso museum (a place we had want to go for a while). All was going well and we were finding our way thought the traffic well until a nice Spanish Lady decided to try and fit a Renault Scenic in to a Ford Fiesta at a busy road junction and smashed in the front driver’s side of the car. Eventually after the police had told her she was turning right in a straight on lane we managed sort every thing out and continue to the museum. The Museum was well worth a visit particularly as we had unknowingly picked international museum day to go and entrance was free (Jayne said I was smiling all day, not that I am very tight). It was not as good as the Picasso gallery in Paris but we all enjoyed it. We then had lunch and a wonder around before heading further along the coast to Torre del Mar and having a walk around there before making our way back up over the mountains on the way back (Barb was not amused).

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