Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Granada Province.

New Orchid for my Province List.

Dark Spider Orchid (Ophrys incubacea).
I was lucky enough to be taken to a site for the uncommon Dark Spider Orchid (Ophrys incubacea) at the site we saw 30+ spikes of this very smart plant along with great numbers of Mirror (Espejo de Venus / Ophrys speculum subsp speculum), Somber Bee (Abejera oscura / Ophrys fusca subsp fusca), Yellow Bee (Abejera amarilla / Ophrys Lutea) and Fan-lipped Orchids (Orchis collina), along with a single spike of Southern  Early Purple (Satirión manchado / Orchis Mascula ssp Olbiensis) which was well passed it's best. The only bird we note was a single Spectacled Warbler (Curruca Tomillera / Sylvia conspicillata) which was my first of the year.
Dark Spider Orchid (Ophrys incubacea).
Later in the day I meet up with José Mª González Cachinero, Beatriz Pérez Machado and Juan Pérez Contreras to carry out the monthly count of Western Cattle Egrets (Garcilla Bueyera / Bubulcus ibis) at a roost site near Granada City. By the end of the survey 323 Egrets had been recorded along with 4 Purple Herons (Garza Imperial / Ardea purpurea) which circled the site for several minutes before drifting off. 
Cone-head Mantis (Empusa pennata).
The last species of the evening turned up just as I was leaving and forced a trot out me to get views, it was a hunting Barn Owl (Lechuza Común / Tyto alba) only just visible in the dark conditions.

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