Monday, 24 August 2009

Rodin and the Symbolist Mythology, Malaga Province.

Visit to the Exhibition Rooms of the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal.

The museum is located on the eastern side of the city, surrounded by some very nice gardens and walkways. The only slight down side was the price of the parking, but if you’re very early or very very lucky you can pick up a free space near by on some of the back streets.
The exhibition of 85 of Auguste Rodin's works was well worth the visit, even for a person with only a passing interest in arts like me. Unlike me my wife, Jayne who was in her element and enjoyed the works very much and the only down side to her visit was me prattling on and asking far too many questions. The collection included THE KISS, GATES OF HELL, LITTLE SIREN and the best know THE THINKER. The Bronze's, plaster works and paintings were well set out over three floors in the museum.

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