Saturday, 8 October 2011

Realenga de Agicampe, Granada Province.

Moth Trapping.

Another three new species caught on what was a nice warm October night, moth numbers were up possibly due to a thin layer of cloud.
The new species were Euchromius vinculellus, Hydriris ornatalis and Euchrognophus murcidaria with a few more still to ID. Other intersting species were singles of both Autographa gamma (Silver Y) and Trichoplusia ni (Ni Moth), plus loads of Rhodometra sacraria (The Vestal) 30+, Cladocerotis optabilis, Episema glaucina, Leucochlaena oditis (Beautiful Gothic) 10+, Ethmia bipunctella, a second Peribatodes umbraria after the first on the 6th and Pyrausta aurata.
Photographs from the top: Euchromius vinculellus, Hydriris ornatalis, Euchrognophus murcidaria, Autographa gamma (Silver Y) and Trichoplusia ni (Ni Moth).

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