Sunday, 9 August 2009

Moth Trapping, Granada Province.

Moths caught at Realenga de Agicampe.

Again the 125 MV trap was used and as the weather was good the catch was reasonable to. Small Marbled (Eublemma parva) was again the commonest moth trapped with about 30 caught. Two of the Emerald Species Chlorissa etruscaria, a single Silver Y (Autographa gamma) and three Golden Twin-spots (Chrysodeixis chalcites) were in and around the trap as well. Small Mottled Willow (Spodoptera exigua) 5+, The Vestal, (Rhodometra sacraria) 7+, Lime-speck Pug (Eupithecia cenaureata) and Dolicharthnia bruguieralis made up some of the rest of the catch.
Photographs from the top: Golden Twin-spots (Chrysodeixis chalcites), Silver Y (Autographa gamma) and Lime-speck Pug (Eupithecia cenaureata).

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